CNC Zigzag Blanking Line

CNC Zigzag Blanking Line

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CNC Blanking line is a complete solution for all your Blanking operations from coil.
  • ‘H’ type Ring Frame press for utmost rigidity & accuracy.
  • Scotch yoke mechanism slide with three long guide & slide length of 1400mm
  • All Gears , slides , Crank , Bushes & bearing running in oil bath for optimum long life & maintenance free operations.
  • SERVO FEEDER mounted on the press for higher accuracy & alignment.
  • User friendly software for easy operation.
  • Scrap chopper mounted on the press for space saving & rigidity
  • NC controlled Decoiler ZIG ZAG movement for space saving.
  • Bottom Conveyor for easy removing of blanks.
Press Tonnage 125 Tons.
Max’m Coil Width 1300mm.
Max’m Circle Size 610mm (24”)
Min’m Circle Size 125mm (5”)
S.P.M 60 max’m (variable)
Coil Bore 508mm (20”)
Max’m Coil Width 1300mm.
Max’m Coil Dia 1200mm.
Max’m Coil Weight 5000kg
Overall Size L : 6000 - B : 6000 - H : 3000 mm
Overall Power Required Max’m 25 amp. at full speed.